How Cannabis Shatter, Budder, and Oil Concentrates work

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Flying high on the Cannabis concentrates

Shatter concentrate is considered the purest concentrate of its kind. The concentrate contains around eighty percent of THC. However, because of the second stage of its processing; it also has its down falls. For example, when the second stage of extraction begins, this smooth concentrate may indeed keep its eighty percent THC but it will also lose terpenes. There is good news to be had though, with the legal marijuana now on the market, these concentrates are now available but yes restrictions apply.

Budder Concentrate is considered the second purest of the concentrates. Budder gets its name from the yellow creamy look after the extraction has ended. Budder retains more of its terpenes but only has around seventy percent of THC.

Oil is the final concentrate and it is less consistent and not as refined as Budder or shatter. However, it makes up its weight in gold because it retains almost all the flavor of the concentrate. The oil is commonly known as honey or honey oil, so that gives you a broad idea of the flavor that it contains. However, it also earned the call sign of butane hash oil.

All three concentrates have their own unique flavors and amounts of THC. These concentrates cannot be found in your local smoke shops or tobacco shops, legal marijuana is only available in some states in the United States and in most cases you must have a prescription from a medical provider.

Alternatives to traditional methods of flying high!

Fresh Basil Ready To Harvest

While most high flyers are still dedicated to their 420 life style; they have also taken the initiative to educate themselves on how not to sacrifice their lungs. Often time’s tobacco is associated with the 420 life style but with e-cigs replacing cigarettes; cannabis vaporizers, marijuana vaporizers were not going to be far behind. Let’s face it we want the high but we don’t want to sacrifice our lungs in the process; this is also why you will find most smokers have at some point stopped using tobacco and have purchased an electronic cigarette. This also makes shatter, Budder, and oil more appealing to all the THC lovers of the 420 life style.



While we move forward with legal marijuana, herbal vaporizers, vape shops, vaporizer weed, and vape shop drippers the 420 life style is in full demand just as it was in the sixties. We may have moved past flower power and into a smarter age of healthier ways to live the THC dream or 420 life style; we implement the same methods for our tobacco usage such as, electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as to actually inhaling tobacco or purchasing cigarettes. While we discover new and healthier methods to harness our THC needs whether it’s through shatter, Budder, Oil, or Vapors we will look for the same benefits in other products. Nevertheless, whether you are a chemistry student or just an average stoner living the 420 life style, the day of let’s roll another joint, smoke a bowl, or pull all the roaches together to make a hit are over. We are flying high on a healthier THC that doesn’t impact the lungs as much; although bud is bud and there is only one way to get bud but now we can do it chemical free.