How Nader Nadernejad is Dominating the Digital Marketing Space

As the director of Nadernejad Media, one of Toronto’s leading digital marketing agencies, Nader Nadernejad went from working with small businesses in his community to working with billion-dollar companies. 

He says word of mouth is what got him managing the online growth and reputation of international companies. 

“Once one large company finds you and you score a big contract, just do a good job and the work will keep coming.” 

“My biggest pitfall is also my biggest strength,” says Nadernejad. 

“I’m young, so some people treat me like I don’t know what I’m talking about. Usually they’re just curious and want to find out what I’m all about. Is this guy for real? Is he as good as they say he is? Then after I audit their business or find a hole in their strategy, they go ‘oh, I get it now.’”. 

“Being young means that I have more time to make some huge changes not only in the marketing space, but in the media industry,” says Nadernejad. 

Here are Nadernejad’s top five tips for dominating the digital marketing space: 

  1. Overfeed the machine. To Nadernejad, it’s about producing quality work at scale. There’s so much traffic out there, so you need to start now and keep creating valuable content about your niche market like your life depends on it. Nadernejad says it should feel like spam, but bring value. 
  1. Find an untapped aspect of the market. While everyone was focusing on targeting a unique niche in marketing like doctors, car dealers, plumbers, Nadernejad decided to start in reputation management. He started in reputation management to help people who had their reputation damaged in the media. That resulted in what seemed like an infinite amount of clients. 
  1. Make video content. Video content really shines through and if you can make videos fast and at scale on a low budget, you’ll outpace the competition and also beat traditional legacy media that tends to think critically about their work instead of how fast they can produce it. It also costs them more to produce content and they have less opportunities to deviate from the formula. If you can make video content fast, you’ll beat everyone. 

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