How to find your First Entertainment Gig

George_Mounsef_photographThe major set back in Hollywood is that to find work in showbiz you must have expertise, and to obtain that knowledge, you have to get a job. It could be challenging for the newcomers to entertainment. So, what can you do to bypass this problem?

The fastest way to develop the knowledge is to apply with a temporary agency.  Temp firms will put you in varied positions within entertainment. Many of these jobs are clerical such as working as a manager’s associate for a while. Initially, these positions may not seem desirable. Nonetheless it’s usually the fastest way to enter into a studio or production firm. You will meet many influential individuals, and you will be in a good situation to discover what else is available that equates with your career ambitions. Ensure that when you contact a temp agency, you uncover whether they focus on dealing with entertainment firms.

Many of the big networks give up a broad range of internships, and you do not automatically need to be in school to benefit from them. These programs are in a wide range of professions, from writing and producing to directing and photography. Minorities can benefit from specific programs that some companies may offer. You can be nicely astonished by the amount of prospects that you might qualify for. To locate these programs, just browse the numerous company websites and you should see the various internship programs.

Another simple way to get some skills is to agree to work without compensation. Everyone in showbiz can utilize some help, and if you can offer to work for free, you’ll be significantly astonished by what you could find. For instance, the next time you see a movie set on the road, approach someone and inquire whether there are any units that can utilize some free work. From the production manager to the camera department, many sets are frequently understaffed, and it is possible you’ll be employed on the spot. If you live away from LA and NY, you can determine if there are productions in your town by communicating with your local movie commission. If your location does not have a commission, contact your county clerk’s department.

Many great players in entertainment began by producing their own projects. They did not want to start at the bottom, or work as an assistant for someone. They elected to do it alone from the beginning. Even though it’s not a simple road to follow, credit has to be given to the people who are able to make it on their own. If you believe that you have a good venture that you want to develop, then you should do it. Educate yourself on the production process, and read every book or article you can get your hands on. Locate the funds and the crew that you need to start the project. A useful book for beginners is “Film Production: The Complete Uncensored Guide to Filmmaking” by Greg Merritt.

Finding your niche in showbiz can often be challenging. Consider taking unusual routes, in order to discover your real passion on the set. Think of your first several years in entertainment as a college education, and eventually you will start being noticed.

Bachir Mounsef is a Senior Recruiting specialist who held positions in companies such as Manager4Less and Trancas International Films. He works with top Hollywood directors and producers, and staffs crews for their projects. Mounsef graduated with a BS in Business Administration and HR Management from Devry University.