How to Get That Fast Home Sale

Coming into a new year is often the time when homeowners think about selling their home and moving on to somewhere new. But the fact that selling a home can often take many weeks, months or if you’re really unlucky even years means that some are put off.

Speak to those in the know

The process doesn’t necessarily have to take so long though and there are lots of things a homeowner can do to speed things up and secure that quick sale. When you need to sell up really fast all you need to know is how. Real estate agent Lori Gemme says that a proven plan is all you need to sell your home fast – and many successful sales follow this pattern.

Set the stage – but don’t turn away inconvenient callers

You want your home to look as good as possible when you show it to prospective buyers so a lick of paint here and there and a good tidying up in the yard goes a long way. But no matter how well you prepare there will always be someone who calls at some ungodly hour asking to see the house. Though it may be inconvenient to have a buyer show up just when the house is looking less than immaculate let them see it anyway. Buyers who really want a particular home will always see through the mess and the one who turns up when you least expect is often the one who signs on the dotted line. Take a tip from the retail sector and throw in a couple of freebies to tempt a buyer; a TV maybe or white goods.

Up the ante

Set a date by which you want offers. No explanations needed. Nothing spurs a buyer on more than thinking they have to act fast. Another thing you can do is to set a realistic value on the price of your home. Agents may try to get you to ask top dollar in order to ramp up their commission. A good real estate agent knows that sometimes selling for a bit less is the key to a fast sale. If you can afford to take a hit consider selling to a flipper or a developer but make sure you get more than one offer. Though if you have too much emotion invested in your home or you can’t afford to take too much of a hit on your bottom line this may not be the best way to go.

Don’t fall for false promises

Finally, avoid the ‘we guarantee to sell your home fast’ ads. These are often scams in which an agent simply sits on your property listing without advertising it just so you then accept any old offer. Don’t fall for it.

With the right agent, and a solid plan, you can sell your home quickly and a good price too.