How to Watch American Netflix in Canada?

In September 2010, Canadians were very excited to know that finally, they can watch their favorite movies and shows through Netflix Canada. But in a matter of days, the excitement went down after realizing that they cannot access the same contents as the US version. In fact, the former is a mediocre compared with the full version. The launching offered 7,000 contents versus the more than 20,000 titles available for Americans.

While it is true that the titles of available movies and shows are increasing in the past years, they are still no match to the Netflix USA. This is the reason why more than ever, a lot of Canadians are crossing the online border. It is not to gain citizenship or “enjoy greener Pasteur” but to simply watch better movies. With the abilities of computer, it is possible to access US Netflix. Follow these simple steps and get the contents straight to your device without physically crossing countries.

Proxy Service

The key in opening Netflix in the USA is by bypassing the server through a proxy service. This is an intermediary site for online requests. It connects you to web resources that will otherwise be restricted if you have the regular connection. The idea is to trick Netflix about your geographical location. Your proxy gives you a US IP address. The thinking is that you are within US and you access the full version.

There are several sites offering the service for a minimal fee. UnBlockUs and Hola Unblocker are examples that give 7-day trial with no credit card required. The time is enough to assess the service and get hook with your new found internet freedom. Simply change your router settings with the DNS settings provided by the company. The procedure is easy and it can be done within 5 minutes. You may also check more information.

With the speed and connection using a proxy, it does not feel like a third party is helping you out. Pay the monthly subscription fee to continue the service. There is nothing to worry about legality because this is done by millions of subscribers and definitely, Netflix know this. They are not just taking actions against it because they probably understand why Canadians do it. Until they are able to match contents for both countries, the bypassing of servers will not be stopped. After all, nobody would want to get less, right?

Canada Netflix Account

You do not have to change your account to watch American Netflix in Canada. Your old account is enough. If you still do not have one, just go to their website and follow the instruction for new subscribers. They accept various forms of payment methods to cater to different clients. Pay the subscription fee as usual and you are all set.

Aside from US contents, you may also access the Netflix of other countries without leaving Canada. The same principle and procedure applies if you wish to watch movies from other regions like UK and Latin America.

How to Watch American Netflix in Canada?