Innovative Multifunction Travel Jacket Launches on Kickstarter:

Tech Lovers Take Note!


When you are out exploring the world, you never know what you are going to run into. You can never say for sure exactly what you are going to need on your adventures, and there is nothing worse than getting caught unprepared. You have the item that you need, but it’s at home. Why? You just didn’t have any room for it. Your pants would have been to crammed. You didn’t want to carry a backpack. It was too inconvenient. Now, instead of having a problem to fix, you have a situation. This is no good for any explorer, no good for any explorer at all.

Now, with the PowearIN2.0 Modular Multipurpose Travel Jacket, you will be prepared for everything anytime you leave your house. This is the world’s first modular multipurpose travel jacket, and it’s going to change the way we look at travel fashion. “I didn’t have enough room” will no longer be a valid excuse. You will always have enough room. You will always have more than enough room, in fact, to carry everything you need and a little extra while you’re at it. This is the future of travel wear. It’s making adventures accessible for a 21st-century lifestyle.

The modules on this jacket are mind-boggling. You have room for a windproof mouth mask, room for a glasses holder, room for a wallet, room for an eye patch, room for a passport. There’s an RFID blocking pocket for your credit cards and a pocket designed especially for a power bank. There’s a key port. There’s an earphone port. There’s a pocket for your pen, a pocket for your tablet, and a pocket for your smartphone. To call this jacket convenient would be a massive understatement. This jacket is freeing. When you wear it, you can go anywhere and you can do anything, always safe in the knowledge that you have what you need no matter what.

PowearIN2.0 comes in two distinct colors and six fashionable colors. There’s the classic style, with all the sleek veneer that you would expect of such a highly advanced article of clothing, and there’s the camping M-65 style, great for a walk in the woods or your next winter-tundra jaunt. The colors are mustard yellow, aurora red, iron grey, navy blue, stone black, and army green.

Despite all of its technological splendor, PowearIn2.0 is machine washable. Made with nylon and cotton, it is both durable and comfortable, and the Teflon DWR lining make it water repllent. These features, along with the high-quality workmanship that goes into each piece, make this jacket a must-have for anyone who enjoys getting out of the house for any period of time.

Already PowearIN2.0 is gaining a lot of attention, with features in outlets such as gizmag, The Gadget Show, Wired, CNET Japan, Yahoo Japan, TrendHunter Tech, Trusted Reviews, Fresh Gadgets, MovilZona, Breakway Daily, Gagetify, GoExplore, and Cool Wearable. In order to offer this jacket to as many people as possible, we are keeping the price low for now, and for early bird contributors, the deals are unbeatable.

Right now, we are turning to you, Kickstarter, for help raising $15,000. This startup capital will cover the costs of manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the PowearIN2.0 Modular Multipurpose Travel Jacket. This jacket is going to create tons of new opportunity for adventure in people’s lives and get us back outside where we belong. We need not give up all of the creature pleasures to which we have become accustomed: we simply need somewhere to put them, and that is what PowearIN2.0 represents. Your contributions are appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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