Interesting facts about Science

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Science – an area of Study including the observation, study and Practical activity of the facts, things and all what matters around us. Science is around us. We all are living in the age of Science and Technology. All the modern Study areas fall under the Span of Science.

There are uncountable scientific facts and they are increasing day by day. Our world is full of mysteries, interests, mystical happenings and much more! Let’s have a look at some Amazing facts which let you realize that Science is cool, enjoyable and of course… Interesting! Let’s see what we are going to explore!

  • DNA in an Average Person’s body. DNA is a genetic structure made of Proteins and other elements which Store information about each and everything of our body – even about our behavior, our attitude etc and in average person’s body it’s enough so that it can be stretched from Sun to Pluto and back – about 17 times.
  • Human body has more bacterial cells than Human cells. Yes..! Are you wondering that you have more bacterial cells than actual human body cells? Yes. An average human body has ten times more bacterial cells. Aww! Not all bacteria are bad! So the bacteria you contain are mostly helpful. They helps to take energy from the food, helps in digestion and also strengthen the immune system.
  • A light particle takes 40,000 years to travel from the Core of Sun to its Surface.Amazing! When calculated, on average a light particle takes almost 40,000 years to reach sun’s surface from core but only 8 minutes then to the earth. So we can say that the energy reaches us every day may be produced a Million years ago!!!
  • The largest living structure on earth – 2000 Km long. Coral reefs are formed by invertebrate animals – linked by tissues. The Great Barrier Reef has 3000 reefs and almost 900 coral islands, just beneath the surface of Coral Sea and the only one visible from Space.
  • There are 8 times more atoms in a teaspoonful of water as there are teaspoonfuls of water in Atlantic Ocean.  You understand right! So many atoms in only one teaspoon that they surpass the whole Atlantic Ocean – if measured in teaspoons.
  • How much an average person walks in a Lifetime?Average person who lives up to 80 years and walks almost 7500 steps per day is calculated to walk the distance equals the distance of walking 5 times around earth.
  • An individual blood cell takes 60 seconds to revolve around the body. A normal body contains 5 liters of blood and a healthy hearts beats 70 times in a minute. Calculated by Simple math, the heart pumps 5 liters of blood in just a minute around the body.

Enjoyed all the above mentioned scientific facts? This is not the end. There are uncountable facts around us. Even human body is a combination of lot of facts, figures and miracles. If you are interested in Science, Go explore, be a Scientist and See if you can find one which can get you recognize to the whole world..

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