The investigation report by Business Evaluation Agency USA for the online shopping site

We looked at many different crucial factors while checking in order to detect safety level of the website in terms of purchasing goods. Our investigation demonstrates that the website is undoubtedly very safe for everyone as we investigated some of the crucial things of the website such as the ownership details, location, public’s opinion, popularity and other sites relating to threats, phishing, reviews, etc. According to our investigation report, the website owner’s name is Andrew Beckert and we have all the accurate and solid information about the owner. We also verified administrator details, server and name servers etc and the results are very positive. The website is highly secured and it possesses a very strong server. This highly trusted website is more than 5 years old and since the launch of this online shopping site, there is no fraudulent record about the website so far. As a result, considering all the factors including a very good 5+ years track record of goods and services sales, we can declare the site as a very reliable and trustworthy site. It deserves to get a rating of 100% trust score. Therefore, the site can be recommended to purchase safely.

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