Kids Love NEOFORMERS A Groundbreaking Toy Optimized For Maximum Fun & Cognitive Development


Great Christmas Gift or Birthday Gift.

Let me ask you a few short questions:

Are you looking for toys that will make your kids smile and have unlimited fun?
Wouldn’t you like your kids to play with toys that are enjoyable while also making them smart and creative?
Are you tired of generic toys that offer no real value for your children than meaningless hours of playing?
If your answer to any of the questions above was yes, then Neoformers are a must buy for you!

The new LED Neoformers are colored magnets cover by premium quality plastic. Kids find them especially cool when the LED is plugged in and their design is lit up and the shapes and colors are magnified in the dark. Their shapes range from squares to polygons, triangles and much more.

78 pc Set On Sale Now! $96.99 Regularly $129.99