Leave Your Footprint in the Global Storybook – exclusive launch of a new social media platform


Leave Your Footprint in the Global Storybook – the launch of a new social media platform

We know everything about the lives of the rich and famous – we know what they wear, where they vacation, we see their baby photos, follow their diet tips, and we are constantly reminded that the stars, “they are just like us”.  But are they?

Since we know everything about those privileged few – what do we know about each other really? And what will the new generations know and remember about us, ordinary people?

On April 1 2016, Global Storybook, a new social media platform, was launched and three weeks later it already gained more than 12,000 followers on Facebook. So what is Global Storybook and why should we care?

Global Storybook is a new kind of a platform that combines together various features of other well-known sites: Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Trip Advisor. It is a platform where you can share your life story, national recipes, travel photos and stories, and more. It is a place to see and be seen in. To learn about others, from different countries all over the World, and to share our own story.  Why?  Because we are all guilty of making stereotypes about others without really knowing much about them.  And now we have a chance to learn directly from the locals, and give others an opportunity to learn more about us.

And if you’re still not convinced that this website is a sweet new deal, Global Storybook will soon be launching actual book volumes and a monthly magazine and that means you can now have your own five minutes in spotlight.  After all, why should we only care about the lives of celebrities?