Lockheal’s founder comments: My intention was to end a decade-long nationwide scam involving locksmith services provided by unlicensed service providers. I had faith that I could solve it in only one way. As a security technology expert, I have advised various organizations on their security technology needs. I have built a range of different algorithms from face recognition, video content analysis, license plate recognition, video management and more within the last 16 years. Seeing what was missing in the locksmith industry, I decided to build a highly secured technology which would serve everyone. We have put together a great group of people and created an R&D team, which has developed the platform within one year. Our work doesn’t stop here. We continue the development, adding new features useful for both customers and service providers.

The platform protects customers and gives them an option to choose the price they want. The platform is good for the locksmith because licensed locksmiths can get their market share back from unlicensed providers after so many years. Locksmiths avoid marketing expenses, and there are no membership fees for customers. All locksmiths pay for is a background check and license validation, which is $57 in every state except New York City, where the fee is $116.5 (New York State charges a state fee). Background checks and the license verification process is done by a third party company, and Lockheal doesn’t generate any income from it.

The technology is a win-win for everyone. For customers it is a win because it is safer. They decide the price they are going to accept from providers, and they know precisely who’s coming to perform services for them. For locksmiths it is a win because the platform only accepts other licensed locksmiths, and locksmiths do not incur marketing expenses since customers are able to find them when they download the app. It is good for the country and economy as both service providers and Lockheal are going to pay taxes. It also encourages service professionals to obtain licensing and begin a new and rewarding career. Based on its safety measures and ease of use, the number of customers will grow as they gain faith in the locksmith industry.

About Lockheal:

Lockheal is a patent pending technology changing the way people find and connect with licensed locksmith professionals in their area. The Lockheal platform is free to join for customers, and gives customers easy and direct access to trusted locksmiths 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s simple and easy to pay with credit card. Service is offered in select states.

All customers need to do is register and submit a request, and service offers will come to them. Locksmiths on Lockheal go through background checks and license validation, providing safer transactions.

Finding a locksmith on Lockheal is easy!

– Download the app from the App Store.

– Submit a request within seconds.

– Locksmiths are rated by customers.

Customers can:

– Choose a locksmith or ask them to send them their proposal, schedule an immediate service or one for a later date, and designate a specific spoken language.

– See a locksmith’s picture, license information, offered services, vehicle information and areas they cover, and can track their route and arrival on a map on their mobile device.

– Set a location area to pick a locksmith from.

– See service providers who fit their parameters.

– Review bids and start a chat with a service provider to negotiate. If a customer agrees, the service provider will send a proposal.

– Accept a locksmith’s proposal, and a hold will be placed on the customer’s stored credit card. Lockheal will not take payment until the service is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Lockheal is the easier, safer and more affordable way to find a licensed locksmith. Download the app today!

Presently Lockheal is working in the following states: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York City, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.


• Voice chat options

• Search based on type of service, location, emergency, type of request, language, distance and short description

• Bid request (customer sees 10-20 bids and decides which one to take)

• In-app chat – the app itself is available in 13 different languages –English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) Korean, French, Russian and Dutch (Bi-directional translation translates anything in these languages)

• Customer’s precise location isn’t shown (only a one-mile radius) until the job is accepted by the locksmith

• Tracking in real time

• In-app GPS

• Group management options to manage multiple employees across different states

• Online in-app payment

• Employee and track record management

• Payment during chat

• Background checks and license verification

• Real time push notifications on job request, cancel, price request or communication

• User friendly technology

• Provider earnings in real time

• On-demand services

• Feedback and reviews

• Providers’ profile image, info, license, license plate and car information available

• App recognizes state borders so if a locksmith has a license in New York, the locksmith will only be visible to customers in New York and not elsewhere.

• Customers are able to choose the location of their device, or use GPS

• Customers can choose another location for service. For example, if a customer is in New York buying a house in Florida, they are able to schedule a locksmith appointment in Florida to change locks on their new house before arriving there.

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