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Urgent professional Locksmith service at a good price, available 24 hours, we Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS differ in that we offer an immediate solution to be specialized in: metal latches, installation and repair of doors, locks and other services in locksmith.

Normal service from 8:00h to 20:00h – Urgent service from 20:00h to 8:00h

It also enjoys a 5% Discount. In labor.

Locksmith Urgent 24 hours

We have great technicians available at any time to meet any emergency in the whole of the Community of Berlin, to offer you the best service we have fully equipped vehicles and tools of big brands and thus offer services of high quality to our customers.

Our Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS service of locksmith urgent is immediate, clean and efficient, you solve any problem immediately and interrupted the 24 hours of the day.

To offer you the best service we have locksmiths 24 hours a day, available for the whole of the Community of Berlin, which allows you to perform Locksmith services urgent at any time.

We have extensive experience and training in the industry by offering a highly specialized service in opening doors, safes, replacement of lock barrels, Business closures, etc…

Our technical assistance is immediate, remain prepared for any circumstance that may have occurred:

  • Oblivion of key.
  • Broken key into lock barrel.
  • Lock.
  • Repair of locks.
  • Locks Install.
  • Safes.
  • Repair and replacement of lock barrels.
  • Settings…

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Urgent 24h: 030-555 735 199

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