Love is in the Air – Connekt Packs an Oxytocin punch. Just in time for The Holidays.


New studies reveal that the love hormone Oxytocin makes individuals more amiable and accepting of people

The hormone Oxytocin is generally believed to promote romantic bonding in adults. However, according to a recent research study that is carried out by the Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation, Oxytocin or the “love hormone”, also has the ability to make individuals more accepting towards other people. The research was initiated by grantee Valentina Colonnello Ph.d and published in the online journal, Psychoneuroendocrinology.

VRL_Web_Banner_powertoolsThe hormone is also believed to promote attachments in mothers and infants. The aim of Oxytocin is to reduce a person’s fear and anxiety especially during situations when he or she might usually feel vulnerable such as first dates and stressful family times. The human body secretes a significant quantity of the hormone in order to increase a person’s willingness to relax trust and empathize with an other. The action calms the individual and hence makes him/her capable of handling stressful situations with ease.

The new studies into the affects of the proverbial love hormone are similar to a recent scientific revelation that revealed its affects in long lasting love. The studies were conducted by Ruth Feldman at the Bar-Ilan University, a psychology professor in Israel who has years of experience studying the hormone’s role in mother-child relationships. Feldman established her hypothesis by comparing same levels of oxytocin levels in singles or new lovers.

The professor argues that the level of oxytocin in new lovers is double the amount she sees in pregnant women. “The increase in oxytocin during the period of falling in love was the highest that we ever found,” says Feldman in a study that she and her colleagues published in the online journal Psychoneuroendocrinology.VRL_Web_Banner_Connekt_Essentials

Dr. Connello supports this hypothesis, “”Social bonding, mutual support, mate preference, and parental investment which are all mediated by the oxytocinergic system, rely on a person’s ability to appreciate that self and others are both different and valuable.” In other words, the hormone has a more powerful affect in making people more susceptible to connect with anyone they meet. Since the core of most relationships is based on trust, it isn’t surprising why the hormone is regarded as a valuable asset in strengthening relationships.

Vero Labs takes its cue from the new findings and creates an atmosphere enhancement spray that contains oxytocin which makes the product the first of its type. According to a spokesperson from the Florida based company the oxytocin in the product, named Connekt is meant to enhance personal relationships as well as strengthen workplace bonds. The main aim of the product is to make it easier for users to forge and enhance new relationships especially during situations in which they might normally feel emotionally vulnerable such as romantic interactions stressful social communications and complex family situations. Have we mentioned in perfect time for the holidays?


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Vero Labs is a Florida based company that is dedicated towards researching and developing Oxytocin spray products to enhance human relationships. Their new product, Connekt is now being launched. Connekt is replacing Liquid Trust that has put them on the map by being the world’s first oxytocin spray for the every day use. Oxytocin is a hormone that is now believed to promote social behaviors such as pair bonding and reduce anxiety during social interactions. For more information about the company’s product please refer to the following details –

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