Reviewed by: B. M. DuBB – A&R for Dubb Spot Records – http://dubbspotrecords.com
Date: July 10, 2014

M.0.N.E.Y. for the most part is a pretty good track which has the typical industry hip hop sound of the past. Raaddrr Van’s flow sounds a little like Biggie. One thing about artists today is they are hearing what’s popular and feel that they should follow suit. For the most part the reasoning of that is to stay relevant. Back in the golden hip hop era artists created their own styles and owned it. I’m hearing that from Raaddrr Van with a classic hip hop sound in his delivery and lyrical content. This way can definitely set the trend for something new and fresh with that golden era sound. Raaddrr Van’s ability to ride the beat was flawless yet the quality of the vocals lacked clarity. If the vocals were cleaned up to be more crisp it would’ve came off even better. Is his music able to compete with the industry standard? Of course! The producer whom created the track did a very good job on the song structure and overall mixing of the instrumental. However some parts of the mix with the vocals were off. The hook is powerful and sends the message about Money, very good on that! And of course, how can you go wrong with throwing Method Man on a track with you? Great collab!

Check Out The Track M0NEY Feat Raaddrr-Van & Method Man produced By 0mg187