Marcus “M-Positive” Parker Releases His Video “A Message to our Youth”

Motivational rapper M-Positive releases another video, aimed at inspiring the next generation to push their boundaries.

NATIONWIDE, Sept. 2014—The lyrics in every genre of music are a method of storytelling. While most genres of music are aimed at generating a wide-range of emotions, too often the lyrics within rap send a destructive message. This makes finding rap that is age appropriate for youth a challenge to come by—but there are alternatives. Marcus “M-Positive” Parker is a celebrated motivational rapper, who writes his lyrics to send a positive message.

In his latest video for his single “A Message to our Youth”, M-Positive delivers his signature sound—while challenging the next generation to think beyond their current situation. He shares the struggles he overcame as a youth, and how he found the faith to follow his dreams—even when he was unsure how they would come to life.

“While all genres of music have musicians that push the boundaries of being politically correct, too often pushing the boundaries is celebrated in the rap industry.” Marcus “M-Positive” Parker

While writing and recording positive rap is one of Marcus “M-Positive” Parker’s passions in life, he is also a published Author, Motivational Speaker, and Poet. By investing time in his natural talent, Marcus has built a life and career that is fulfilling—and positive.

“Rap can still be real and raw, without containing profanity or degrading lyrics. It can still sound current, and be positive. It can still get you out of your chair and onto the dance floor, without being degrading.”

“A Message to our Youth” is just one of M-Positive’s hit singles. He writes his positive rap for audiences of all ages who appreciate the art of rap, but are looking for a motivation rapper they feel comfortable singing along with. You can watch M-Positive’s new single you can simply click on the following link: