Minimize Your Tax, Maximize Your Retirement and How Obamacare will Affect Business

Nationally renowned CPA, J.D. and Author of two books, “Lawyers are Liars” and “What Your CPA Won’t Tell You- A Story of Eight Life Changing Tax Principles” will be in NYC for 1 night only to conduct a special training on how real estate investors, small business owners and entrepreneurs can reduce their taxes by thousands of dollars. Mark Koehler will also discuss the Affordable Healthcare Act and help demystify some of the confusion around this new health care law. To access his prudent legal/CPA advice in his office, you would be charged $300 per hour. On 11/14, come hear him for only $50! Register NOW at You must register for event for exact address (SEATS ARE LIMITED, NO WALK INS WILL BE ALLOWED). On bottom of registration page, attendee must enter at “Other Information” my name Tammy Thorpe. THIS EVENT IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE!