My Dog Jogs- Professional Dog Runners in NYC

Dogs love to run! It’s an essential part of a dog’s daily routine. There are many high energy breeds that need to run every day. Having two young huskies I understand the importance of keeping them fulfilled. I am lucky, I love in the country with a very large fenced in back yard. And I am a 15 minute drive away from a multi-acre dog park.

But what do people with no cars who live in big cities do? If you live in the Big Apple you and your dog are in luck!

My Dog Jogs is a small business with a passion for running and dogs. They want your city dogs to be happy and healthy by providing jogging services. If your dog doesn’t need those high intensity workouts for whatever reason, you can also sign up for walking instead. They even provide pet sitting.

Keep your city dog physically and mentally healthy. A tired dog is a happy dog.