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Its Binary Options Niche, and this is positive review for Binary Options trading tool!

NEO2 Scam Review

NEO2 Trading System is a binary options auto-trader. The software is based on extremely complicated and sophisticated algorithms! The service is predicting estimate profits between $1500 and $4000 of course depending on your initial investment. And based on their initial testing period. The results where verified by third party authority. NEO2 is innovative and fully automated money making opportunity! People involved with this software are real and extremely reputed among the binary options community! The question focused in this review is: “NEO2 trading system reliable”!

NEO2 is developed buy 3 people: Dr. Jack Piers – PhD, Michael Freeman and Amit Gupta.

The CEO and Founder of NEO Square is Dr. Jack Piers. He is a weather forecasted and software developer. Since young age he is totally engulfed by Climate Forecasting, specifically the impact on the weather onto Economy. While he was working at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), he managed to create a Tracking Lunar System. Specifically tracking the sun eruptions, and based on the data he found out that online markets are responding accordingly to the data exposed. Biggest effect he noticed on the commodities and all correlating with them assets. The most important element was that the impact was occurring days after he was receiving the actual data. Knowing weeks in advance he decided that start developing an auto – trading software. During his goal chasing he started to struggle, because he was no trader or programmer, he faced two problems. He couldn’t find proper auto trading algorithm to link with his Lunar Matrix, and second even if he had such software we cannot sync them to work together.

While he was searching for proper solution, he was approached by Michael Freeman. Probably one of the most famous binary options traders, software developers and chart analyst. He owns few news portals, the biggest YouTube channel, and big Facebook trading group. Since he has the data, and the knowledge to help Jack they decided to meet and discuss the possibilities. After meeting between the two young talents, the dream idea of Jack emerged into possible reality. They both realized how big this opportunity can be comparing it to “like you have inside information”. Of course that’s just a suggestion, companies who have trading secrets or inside information are considered illegal. NEO2 trading system is based only on pure honest and ethical trading methods.

Overall, predicting weather has been used in the past many ways from famous traders to gain fortune. But NEO2 trading system is offering for first time a fully automated principle!

Continuing our NEO2 Scam Review, our main presenters was missing only one key element. 

A person who have the knowledge to sync Jacks, Lunar Tracking System with Mike’s sophisticated auto trading algorithm! That’s when Mr. Priers approached old friend from his study years, Amit Gupta. He became the lead programmer in NEO2 Square. A well-known programmer, also considered as Silicon Valley protégé. He agreed to give NEO2 a try! His objective: Simple, to sync the 2 systems and create 3 click easy to use platform. Few months was what it took, Amit Gupta managed to create lag-free web-based and extremely easy to used platform!

According to his words, everyone can use it from young to old, from knowledgeable to none!

NEO2 trading system can be setup in three clicks as promised:

  1. Turn on the solar tracker matrix! Activate the system by clicking on the NEO2 Sync Button.
  2. Turn On the Auto-trader! Click on the Trade Algo button!
  3. Once everything is ready you`ll see 2 yellow lights! Then click on the Big Start Button.

That’s it, now the 2 systems are synced properly and work together in order to execute profitable trades on full autopilot! You don’t have to stay on the pc watching, just turn it on and go out to enjoy your life! NEO2 trading system will do everything for you!

During the beta testing period NEO2 auto trader proved up to 85% accuracy! Verified by several authorities including Mike’s FB Group, which by the way includes over 6000 members. In simple words from 10 trades NEO2 Trading System wins 8 and loses 2 positions!

Next name involved with NEO2 Square is William Van Loon, after he saw the results and the potential hidden inside this software, he backed up the service. Becoming the Chief Financial Officer / Investor!

Now long with Freeman they are coordinating Free Focus Group, in order to prepare NEO2 for public launch on

During the Focus Group registration with NEO2 APP will be free, and all participates will keep their licenses free for life! After the beta finishes NEO2 will cost $7900, but no worries the Free Beta will last at least 30 to 60 days! So, you don’t have to be in a hurry to sign.

Who else endorsed NEO2 trading system? 

Actually the answer here: EVERYONE. Yes, that’s right the whole binary options community including all reputed blogs, forums and news portals. Are approving NEO2 Trading Software as the best and most promising auto trading service released in 2016!

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The Official page of NEO2 Auto Trader does not contain any pushing tactics or lousy marketing tricks! During the presentation video you can’t hear any overpromising or unrealistic statements! NEO2 Software really appears to be a very promising binary options trading tool endorsed on 100% by everyone!

Review Verdict: NEO2 Trading System is Legit and Recommended!