New Christian Book Is Creating a Buzz in Religious Circles


A new book entitled From Head To Heart is in the works that promises to help Christians to truly believe that they are experiencing God’s love as opposed to merely being aware of this truth as a concept. Ten years ago, the author, Shawn Pertree, embarked upon a journey of faith that changed his life. He went from knowing in his head that he was loved by God, to believing it deep down in his heart. He now wants to share the insights that he gained during this period with others in the hope of enriching their day-to-day belief.

This unique Christian text is currently being funded via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It takes the readers through the four Gospels in order in order to enable the reader to see how Jesus himself supposedly became more and more emphatic about the importance of belief as His ministry progressed. Shawn also focuses upon his own personal transition, and the way in which it transformed his life.

In this increasingly secular age, many believe in God’s love in an intellectual sense, but are they genuinely in touch with it on an instinctive, emotional, spiritual level? From Head to Heart seeks to ensure that their faith remains strong. This book is touted to be one of the strongest faith-based texts of recent years.