New generation Hollywood-based film composer Yang Zhang (also known as Zhang Yang, original Chinese character 张旸)accelerated her new digital music startup along with her music


Hollywood-based film composer, Emmy music peer group member and music producer Yang Zhang (part of the creative team member of Flint Dille’s, known as the director of video game blockbuster “Transformers”) pioneered her new digital music startup with vision, style, and diligence. Zhang Yang Music Publishing, a truly digital-minded site to build up a community where she electrifies music with like-minded artists, musicians, share, and exchange innovation concepts and launching processing with those music startup entrepreneurs, music biz professionals in the digital era.

“Digital music solution has entered a new era in which every aspect of music biz needs to be re-defined by the full force of digital revolutions. I have desired to build up a community where those truly talented artists and musicians can share, exchange and monetize their music contents along with those biz professionals.”

By bringing up one decade of music production, industry knowledge, insights and professional network, her digital music venture is committed to being part of a conversation, a solution brought by the new digital era.