New York Alchemist Prepares Dragon Specimens For Upcoming Magic Academy

A Queens, New York alchemist/ author/ curator of curiosities redies jars of dragon specimens for the upcoming Pomynauk Academy

New York City- High above the streets of a tony Queens neighborhood, local alchemist Dr. VonDrake is busy carefully stuffing an array of dragons into artfully labeled gallon jars. “Pomynauk Academy, at historical Old Bethpage Village, will be filled with eager wizards and magical classes..and they need dragons!” says Dr. VonDrake. Apparently, young wizards also need monkey skulls, books about Krampus, werewolf teeth, and pendants allegedly carved out of dragon talons. Were the teeth plucked from the foaming, snapping jaws of rabid werewolves? Are there colonies of artisan elves truly carving dragon talons? “The world is filled with many realms and each of those is full of wonders” says VonDrake, “Far be it from me to pierce the veil between what some may call fantasy and others may call reality. My role in this cosmic performance is simply to provide those who seek mystery with the relics the crave ”.

The Pomynauk Academy takes place July 8th and 9th at the Old Bethpage Restoration Village at 1303  Round Swamp Rd, Old Bethpage, NY. The two day event will be a mystical recreation of the cinematic world of wizarding complete with magic classes for young wizard of all ages.  Filled with vendors offering curiosities and oddities from around the globe  as well as local craftsmen and artisans it is a “must attend” event for the magical and muggles alike. Dr.VonDrake’s apprentice,In chul Shin, traveled across the globe  from Korea to attend the event and assist in dragon wrangling.

Dr. VonDrake is especially thrilled to be the only source of Official Limited Edition

Pomynauk Academy collectible enamel pins. Skillfully crafted by possibly mystical creatures and fired at over 1350 degrees Fahrenheit. Each pin comes in its own polycarbonate case and is limited to just 100 pieces of each design making them a must have item for all spellcasters! “This is truly a unique and exclusive opportunity” proclaimed VonDrake, “There may be thousands of attendees at the Pomynauk Academy, but there are only 100 of each pin design and we purposely destroyed the molds so to protect the integrity of the edition”.

Dr.VonDrake is better known as author Mike Drake. His book Contemporary Krampus was a Amazon best-seller and he has appeared not only in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not daily comic strip and annual books, but also in multiple episodes of the groundbreaking program ODDITIES.

Attendees interested is his ultra-collectible and possibly haunted tchotchkes are urged to locate Dr.VonDrake’s shop in the main barn at the event.

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Photo: Alchemy apprentice In chul Shin helps prepare an assortment of dragon specimens