New York Nightclub Trends

New York is one of the most well-known cities in the United States for its nightclub scene, and it’s pretty obvious to see why. With the densest downtown area in the country, there are a lot of people who live in the city that need a place to go to unwind after their stressful day or week at work. On top of that, millions of tourists come to New York City each year to see the sites and history of one of the oldest cities in the country, and part of any great vacation includes a little rest and relation. However, bars and nightclubs are very different from what they were a few decades ago or even just a few years ago with new trends emerging every day to make the experience fresh and exciting. Whether you love it or hate it, the constant quest for the latest and greatest nightclub trend has begun to dominate every establishment from your local corner bar to the most exclusive clubs in Manhattan.


The art of mixology has taken the country by storm, and New York City is the epicenter for most of the innovation that people appreciate in today’s industry. Many of the best bartenders in the world are located in New York, so there’s no wonder that some of the most exotic new flavors are emerging from behind these bars. With a new demographic of patron frequenting most establishments, all players are upping their game to try to grab the biggest piece of the pie possible by creating unique cocktails that can be found no place else on earth.

Mixology, in essence, is the art of combining flavors to create something altogether new. This can be something as simple as soaking fresh berries in vodka to infuse the flavors together, or something as complex as adding bacon to otherwise traditional cocktails and using a blowtorch to caramelize the top to bring out different flavors in the alcohol. It’s hard to know exactly when this new trend started, but most experts credit the popularity of maple flavored spirits as the starting point for the latest endeavor to find flavors that can’t be replicated on a widespread level.

Extra Flair

Another new trend that has developed in the bar and nightclub industry involves a more exciting experience for the patrons. Until the ban on sparklers in New York City took effect, many clubs used bottle sparklers as a way to drum up more bottle service sales; which are by and large their highest margin way of making money. Since then, even companies offering bottle sparklers for sale have needed to find alternatives that are legal and still provide a great customer experience to the guests. Fortunately, ingenuity set in on a large scale and the LED market was born with a whole slew of items such as candles, foam sticks, and even LED sparklers that simulate the real thing. Glow stick technology has also benefited from the ban on sparklers and their use has seen a very large resurgence in recent months and years.

Vintage Reboot

Lastly, there has been a resurgence of vintage-style nightlife that has swept the nation, and many point to a handful of clubs in Manhattan as the source for this new trend. There are many old theaters that have been converted to nightclubs that offer live entertainment reminiscent of eras past including vaudeville, burlesque shows, and even replica speakeasies with strict 1920s dress codes. This trend to go back to a vintage experience just goes to show that everything comes full-circle if given enough time and that the future of nightlife truly lies in its past.