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Dude, something woke me up last night, somebody was singing next to my bed. I opened up my eyes and there was Ray Charles and his piano and his band, and those three girls that always backed him up, the Rayettes? All of them were in my bedroom!

He was singing “Georgia, Georgia! … Just an old sweet song. Keeps Georgia on my mind…” I poked my wife. “Honey, it’s for you!” Then Dean Martin started singing “ Ain’t that a kick in the head.” And my wife said “No, honey, it’s definitely for you! And then Frank Sinatra started singing “My Way” and I poked my wife again. No honey, this is your song. But when Frank started the encore, “ I’ve been a puppet, a poet, a pawn and a king…” she poked me back and said “Absolutely, sweetheart, this nightmare is for you!”

And then I realized I had left my computer tuned in to The Nostalgia Catalogue at . Damn cat must have walked on the keyboard and triggered the play button. I was going to get up, click the thing off, and then go looking for the cat, until Aretha started singing “I say a little prayer for you…” That made my head feel so much better and my pillow feel so much softer, I just couldn’t get up to turn it off. As a matter of fact I felt so good I slipped a little extra nipper into the cat’s breakfast bowl later that morning.

Bringing timeless music back into the lives and souls of today’s headbangers, gang bangers, and regular folk, that’s the mission of Nostalgia Music. We are fanatical about the great music of the previous 100 years. Our in-house research team regularly seeks out unique music to bring you special releases of some your favorite all-time music greats. The music includes all of the chart music from every decade, even the obscure and half-forgotten.

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