Dental implants act asa foundation for dentures and crowns that are often used as replacement teeth. Implants, made from titanium, are in the form of metal cylinders with screw threads. It acts as an artificial tooth root which is inserted into your jaw in a pain free procedure. Once the implants are placed in your jaw, it is left to heal for a couple of months. It gives time for the surrounding tissues and bone near the implant to grow. It then appears as good as your natural tooth root. Dentists can now use the implant to attach a new tooth, bridges and crown.

Implant Abutment

An abutment connects the dental implant to the crown. It is impossible to connect the dental crown to the implant without the abutment.

Implant crown

Dental crown is similar to the natural tooth and it is attached to the abutment. Crowns are crafted to appear similar to your original teeth.

Dental Implants and Its Uses

Dental implants can be used for a single tooth, multiple teeth and dentures.

Single implants are used to replace a single tooth whereas multiple implants or Dental Implant Bridge is used to replace two or more teeth.

Hybrid denture is a unique combination of dentures and bridges that helps to replace all your teeth. The process includes 6 implants for the upper teeth and 4 implants for the lower teeth.

Dental implants are gaining popularity due to several reasons. It is quite durable and stays in place compared to the dentures which might slip off when you chew your food or talk. Moreover, when you have a dental implant, the height of your jawbone is retained.

However, dental implants are not recommended for people with a weak and unhealthy gums, heart diseases and diabetes.

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