NYU Stern MBA Candidate Teams with Animation Veteran on New Animated Series

MBA candidate Efrain Roman and veteran cartoonist Bill Wray team up on an awesome new animated series.

An enigmatic old lady and her unruly dog drive the neighbors mad enough to kill.

Puppy Love is set in surreal neighborhood where strange cul-de-sacs of imagination lampoon the weird and wonderful. Granny Goodness isan enigmatic old lady whose misguided gestures of kindness are driving the neighbors insane.. So much so, that they vow to end her existence along with her unruly dog, Toby.

Granny is the sweet little old lady we all love to hate. She applies rouge and lipstick with happy abandon before leaving home for the grocery store. After running numerous red lights, she uses a parking space and a half to dock her boat. After half an hour digging through her change purse at the register, she counts out exact change one penny at a time. All the while, her face is befuddled and content.


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Bill Wray is an American cartoonist known for his many pages for Mad and his contributions to The Ren & Stimpy Show. At the age of 15, he received training in Newport Beach, California, from a retired Disney animator. He then entered the animation industry, working for a variety of studios, including Disney, Hanna-Barbera and Filmation. In 1985, he moved to New York, doing comic book work for Marvel and DC Comics, while studying at New York’s Art Students League. A phone call from John Kricfalusi sent him back West in the early 1990s to work on The Ren & Stimpy Show, Samurai Jack, The Mighty B! and other shows. His long-run “Monroe” series appeared in more than 100 issues Mad, and he has also co-created Dark Horse Comics Hellboy Junior with Mike Mignola based on the Hellboy character. His cartoon influences include Hank Ketcham, Harvey Kurtzman, Erich Sokol and Wally Wood.