Author: Eve Rabi
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Tarago Jakobus was 6’4”, intelligent, extremely wealthy with a Midas touch. He was also openly racist, politically incorrect and a chauvinistic pig who told offensive jokes. He loved to party and was used to women vying for his attention.
So when his eyes fell on Tanin, he expected her to just melt into his bed and be grateful that he even looked her way.
To his utter surprise, she was totally unimpressed with his wealth, thought he was an uneducated buffoon and publicly rejected him.

Of course he was shocked and humiliated by her response. But no woman had ever turned Tarago down before, and he found her fascinating. He became obsessed with her and decided to win her over his way – destroy all that is precious to her, so that she would have no choice but to need him. If that didn’t work, he’d switch to plan ‘B’ – take away her freedom and throw her butt in jail. And being the absolute bastard that he was, he did.

Obsessed With Me is a modern-day, kick-ass love story.


“Wow is about all I could utter when I finished these two books! Eve Rabi has a very extreme way of telling a story that compels you to read EVERY LAST WORD.”

“Can I rate 6 stars, maybe even 7 stars? How do you do it? The story is still in my head!”

“This book it had me mad one minute laughing the next. I have read this book twice and I would recommend this book to all of my fellow readers.”

“Thank you for giving me hope that there are people who can write juicy stories. I was getting bored with modern day romance. Keep it hottt.”

“I discovered Eve on Monday, I’m reading some of her books, yet again. I plan to also get the other books. Wow!!!”


This book made Amazon.com’s top 100 in Woman’s Fiction
It is a part-part story, and both books are available.
Book two of Obsessed with Me is available at $2.99

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