Old El Paso Coffee Company


We are all about the coffee and our coffee speaks for itself. As you will see once you try it.

We are looking for “real coffee lovers”. Coffee drinkers who appreciate quality coffee! We will be offering the finest Organic Fair Trade Coffee from around the world in three basic blends: Super caf for- those who “really like to feel” their coffee. Medium Caf-just the right amount of “pick me up”. Decaf-real “coffee goodness , without the caffeine. Of course, all our coffees are prepared in very small batches-roasted, ground and packed on a daily basis, then shipped right to your door…it just doesn’t get any fresher than this.

In order to get your free organic Fair Trade Coffee sample please send your name and address to the email address listed below or send name and address and phone number to the address listed below

We only have a limited supply of our coffee so you would have to leave your information in order to be put on our mailing list to receive your free coffee sample. One free sample per household.

Dorise Powell
P. O. Box 828
Chaptico, MD 20621