Online Market for Gestural Apps

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Online Market for Gestural Apps

While there has been a lot of cool kinect hacks and some kinect news websites around it, the kinect community was missing a repository of high quality and end-user friendly apps. Motionfair website launched recently fills that gap. Motionfair ( is an online market/app store for kinect apps and, in general, for gestural interfaces (applications that detect body motions such as hand swipes). Developers can publish their paid, trial, or free apps on Motionfair. Its online review system gives the users the opportunity to vote or write reviews for apps so that not only high quality apps surface up and get noticed by the user community, but also app developers get feedback to improve their apps. Motionfair supports all the typical features that an app store supports, including search, browse by category, popular apps section, and the like. There are already some apps published on Motionfair, most of which are free! Go ahead and enjoy Motionfair.

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