Stock Market Signals Review


I’m usually a skeptic of stock market signal companies, but has proven me wrong so far. I’ve been using their signals since August, and surprisingly, they have mostly been great. OtterTrades gives very easy to understand, buy / sell signals, so you can’t really mess it up. Of course there were some signals that weren’t perfect, but their stop losses are usually pretty tight, so the occasional loss is pretty small. But overall, I’ve earned way more than I paid for the membership.

My favorite part of OtterTrades is their no-nonsense stock picks. They aren’t out here chasing low liquidity penny stocks. They seem to always choose reputable and stable companies.

My only complaint is the membership fee, which was $209.00 for 1 year of signals (after I used the coupon “10%off”). The membership is kind of high, but I guess it isn’t too bad, considering it was paid for by the end of my 2nd trade.

Review Summary: Overall I’d rate the service 8/10. Great, reliable stock market picks with very easy to understand “buy/sell” signals.