Landmark Nutraceuticals

Landmark nutraceuticals is a Chinese company that states they can help you with nutritional supplementation and workout schedule. At first glance they appear to be a large company, that is until you do a Google search and find that many if not all of their pictures have been taken from the Internet. Unfortunately this speaks […]

Softest 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket 2 Pack Perfect Gender Neutral Best Baby Shower Gift Idea

Extra Large, Soft and Adorable! ✔ 100% Organic Cotton Muslin ✔ THE PERFECT BABY BLANKET TO SWADDLE YOUR BABY TO SLEEP – American Academy of Pediatrics have Proven that Swaddling Calms Your Baby and Helps Them Sleep Securely. Bundling Your Baby in our Swaddle Blanket will Soothe Your Baby and Can Add One to Two […]

How To Stop Snoring Naturally, Without Expensive Anti Snoring Devices

Even if you think it’s not possible to stop snoring naturally, please take a time to read this article before considering using surgery, dental implants or drugs. I have many suggestions for ways to control snoring without spending any money and a suggestion for how to stop snoring completely for a modest investment. First here […]

 U.S. College Board Under Fire for Banning 9-year-old from Math SATs Exam 

The U.S. College Board is coming under fire for recently banning a 9-year-old boy from taking math subject SATs because of his age. People around the world are coming out in support of Adolphus Daniel Jr., a talented student from Trinidad & Tobago. You can raise awareness about this cause by tagging #TheDolphyProject online!