12 Sketches in a London House: The Hilarious New British Comedy Series Set to Take the Web by Storm

A side-splitting new British web series is in the works for all you Anglophiles out there that promises to transform each area of a London house into a comedy sketch. Twelve areas will be used overall, including the rear garden, landing, and under-stairs cupboard. Each will be the setting of an episode that puts a […]

Take It Back: The New Indie Mafia Web Series Tipped to Give The Sopranos a Run for its Money

New York, USA, 2016 – Earlier this year, cousins Rocco Gioia and Phil LoCastro brought out the first episode of a new independent mafia-based web series entitled Take It Back. The story took place in New York, and saw LoCastro in the role of Mike, a reluctant criminal who became involved in illegal activity in […]

Help Save the Critically Endangered Wild Double-Humped Camel

120 years ago, wild double-humped camels which survive in the Gobi desert on salt water with a higher content of salt than sea-water, were found across the deserts and steppes of southern Mongolia, north-west China and Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, years of persecution have reduced the species to less than 1000, split into four fragmented populations, one […]

We Support Independent Artist

Welcome to 50djs50states.com, the number one place for indie artist promotion, mixtape placements and beats for sale. We are offering you three variable services that will help build your brand, but the most important thing is that with our help and the ultimate online promotion that we offer you can be heard of around the […]

Masked Gift Man Launches T-Shirt Campaign to Raise Funds for Kids Holiday Gifts

An unforgettably humorous character calling himself ‘Masked Gift Man’ has launched an online t-shirt campaign in an effort to raise funds to purchase holiday presents for disadvantaged youth. As he explains the two-fold outreach effort, Masked Gift Man discusses the importance of “One, raising awareness of in-need disadvantaged youth and two, allowing men to fight […]

New Christian Book Is Creating a Buzz in Religious Circles

A new book entitled From Head To Heart is in the works that promises to help Christians to truly believe that they are experiencing God’s love as opposed to merely being aware of this truth as a concept. Ten years ago, the author, Shawn Pertree, embarked upon a journey of faith that changed his life. […]

The Blitz Diaries: You’ve Never Seen a Graphic Novel like this Before!

English photographer Adam Barr has come up with a graphic novel like no other; instead of mere drawings, it features photos of characters in full costume acting out each sequence. The photos have effectively been transformed into comic book sketches. Barr has managed to negotiate the use of numerous different dramatic backdrops, including an aircraft […]