Be Unforgettable

Face the facts: People don’t remember phone numbers anymore. Do you know your friend’s phone number? Do they know yours? Probably not. If it’s not in their smartphone, you’re not getting called. What if all your friends had to remember was that you are Batman, or Katniss, Sherlock Holmes or simply, Bob? You can pick […]

Best Organic Coffee

Ateaz is a purveyor of the finest Artisan teas, and coffees in North America. Our company philosophy is to nurture the planet and our bodies by providing the best tasting, certified organic products. Our teas and herbal blends consist of the highest quality leaves and ingredients, when consumed your palette is awakened and rejuvenated. The […]

Vehicle laptop desk, truck laptop mounts

Featured Vehicle Laptop Desk Provider in New York – Pro Desks The city, and for that matter the entire state of New York has been solid supporters and clients of Pro Desks over the years. The full range of laptop mounting solutions have allowed city workers, contractors and utility companies, police and law enforcement access […]

Introducing the Safety Sipper(TM) A Personal Water Filter Now Available In Two Colors

…Did you know, FEMA states each person needs at least one gallon of clean, potable drinking water each day? …Look around you, at the people in your daily world. How many gallons of filtered drinking water would it take to get just those people precious to you through the next 24 HOURS? Safe drinking water […]

The HarmonyEdge™ Hunting Knife Sharpener

The HarmonyEdge™ is the perfect product for the kitchen counter as it is in the tackle box, hunting cabin, workshop or garage. A GREAT GIFT: Grab one for your honey back at headquarters too! Nicely packaged, stylishly at home in any décor’; handy, versatile and affordable Precise, two-stage sharpening in one unit. The coarse sharpening […]

ARJUN Unleashes New Video and Returns to Rockwood on Sat 4/18

ARJUN just released the new video clip, “Core” featuring guitarist Eddie Arjun Peters directed by Matt O’Grady. Watch: Catch them live at Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday, 4/18 as they return for a midnight set. ARJUN, the three-piece instrumental band from New York, has been trailblazing their own hybrid of rock and improvisational jazz […]


APRIL 1, 2015 – Musicians Roger Cole and Paul Barrere of Better Daze Records have announced a brand new single. The duo is known for their outlaw brand of music, which is set apart from mainstream music. The new single is no exception and offers uniquely woven musicality punctuated with a ghostly sound. “Breathe” is […]