Mylo Carbia to Co-Produce Night of Thrills

Mylo Carbia to Co-Produce Night of Thrills Sicklerville, NJ, September 5, 2014: On-Ride Entertainment, LLC. announces that Writer, Director, and Producer Mylo Carbia has been attached to the Night of Thrills feature film as a Co-Producer. Mylo brings many years’ experience to help make Night of Thrills a success. Pre-production started on Night of Thrills […]

The Birth and Death of Innovation

An innovative design of “Non Piercing Body Jewelry” was invented. A design so unique it created a ‘Worldwide Industry of Non Piercing Jewelry’. Unfortunately ‘this’ design is so simple it became the fodder of IP TROLLS. Armed with a highly detailed Utility Patent, and a “Magnetic Name” registered Trademark ‘Nipple Huggers®’. This Trademark became the […]

Holy Ghost Writer Books

Who is The Holy Ghost Writer? The identity of the author is part of an international contest, and the first person to correctly name the HG Writer from the clues found in the Count of Monte Cristo sequels will receive a reward of $5000. Visit the Holy Ghost Writer’s Amazon Author Page for Details and […]

New York Restaurants – The Best Place for Dinning in US

 The city of New York is among the most famous tourist destinations flooded by both local and foreign tourists every year. There are reasons for that such as its spectacular nightlife as well as its adventurous activities that promise to offer a fun-filled stay for visitors. The NYC restaurants are a huge hit among most […]

VIP Services Security & Transportation

Founded in Israel by a multi-disciplinary team of senior officials of Israel’s Security Agency (ISA) and from various elite units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), GA brings together a highly qualified group of professionals with years of unparalleled experience in the evaluation, planning and execution of security, intelligence and protection programs. GA, Global Advising […]

Amarante LVA – Luxury Apartment Rental in Barcelona

Amarante LVA offers a selection of Prestige villas and apartments for an exclusive stay in Barcelona We offers a selection of villas and apartments for an exclusive stay. Each property is visited and selected according to strict criteria to ensure the best of the market. We combine luxury and originality of our properties with a […]


Fashion Week comes to Staten Island as some of its revolutionary local designer talent, Texas Designers, and international guests showcase their work in New York City. Models will arrive wearing New Wave inspired hair and make-up and designs from different local and international designers of the moment, “New Wave evolves to Couture” September 03, Staten […]

For Rent Amazing Beach House Philippines Scuba Diving

Beautiful, beach house, directly at the occean, air conditioned incl. kitchen for, self cooking terraces facing to the ocean. eat fresh fish. double glazed tinting rung windows boatramp, stair into the water, famous diving island and snorkeler’s, land excursions or motorcycle and bike rental ,Within sight directly before the beach of this Resort is a […]

Food Allergies/ Intolerances?

Peace of mind at the touch of a button. ContentChecked is your one touch shopping assistant for you or loved ones living with Food Allergies/ Intolerances Grocery shopping can be time consuming, especially if you or someone close to you lives with food allergies or intolerances. Save precious time and avoid unnecessary stress whilst grocery […]


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