Do-It-Yourself SAT/PSAT study tool via smartphone/tablet.

Students use text messaging as their primary means of communication in today’s technology day and age. Turn this trend into a positive studying experience by letting push a daily SAT or PSAT test prep question to your students by text message. Students can also study in small doses by sending SAT/PSAT questions to themselves […]

Introducing the Safety Sipper(TM) A Personal Water Filter Now Available In Two Colors

…Did you know, FEMA states each person needs at least one gallon of clean, potable drinking water each day? …Look around you, at the people in your daily world. How many gallons of filtered drinking water would it take to get just those people precious to you through the next 24 HOURS? Safe drinking water […]

Teachers as Celebrities?

The Universe is Yours ™. Join us on social media outlets such as facebook/NASASpaceprincess for behind the scenes exploration of space with NASA and commercial companies committed to the commercialization of space. For more information go to follow up on twitter at NASA_Princess, Join the movement and contact us about becoming a space princess […]

Jayden Yoon awarded outstanding achievement yet again for the Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artist Award 3 years in a row

Artist Jayden Yoon attends the 17th Annual Art Competition of Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artists Award, under the topic of “rescue mission” that was hosted by The One Academy and supported by Walt Disney Studios at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Bandar Sunway, Malaysia on July 19, 2014. In placing 2nd he received: SILVER AWARD […]

A Tour To Rajasthan, India – The Land Of Palaces And Maharajas

A Tour To Rajasthan, India – The Land Of Palaces And Maharajas? Rajasthan, the land of impeccable beauty, is a one stop destination for tourists around the globe. Famous for its sand dunes, lakes, havelis, shopping districts, forts and palaces Rajasthan is one place where people can enjoy while living in utmost luxury and receiving […]

Branding Pro – Affordable SEO in New York City.

Branding Pro Ltd. specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Search Engine Marketing. Branding Pro is a team of creative programmers, designers and marketers with the goal of providing the best quality online marketing services in New York City and Worldwide. We focus on providing small businesses with seamless online marketing and optimization services […]