Picking the Best Engagement Rings in New York

There is one thing in life that happens to people which can change their future forever, and that is falling in love. For some it happens slowly over the time of a relationship, while for others, it can be something that occurs instantly; love at first sight. When a relationship becomes serious, and the love between the couple has grown strong, there comes a time when they decide to take it one step further and become engaged. This means that in order to make it official, an engagement ring needs to be purchased, and for some couples, they will have one each.

For those people who live in New York, they have a huge choice to pick from, and this means that finding the best engagement rings can be very time consuming. Saying that, time is not usually a problem, as the selection process is an enjoyable experience. What needs to be decided between the couple, before setting one foot out of the door, is how much they are willing to spend.

The budget that is decided will help target certain types of rings. For instance, if the budget will be in the thousands then 22k gold and quality diamonds will be no problem. On the other hand, most budgets will only be a few hundred and this will limit the type of gold, and the number and quality of diamonds. Generally speaking, an engagement ring is usually a solitaire diamond in a band, but these days that tradition is not always followed. Engagement rings can include various gems, or none at all, and be made from different metals.

When it comes to visiting stores in New York to view the best engagement rings which are available, there are many stores to choose from, and so it will probably take more than a day going around all of the outlets. Obviously the number of stores that need to be visited will depend on the budget, as even the cheapest engagement rings in the high end jewelers, like Tiffany’s, will be out of range. Although it can still be worth taking a look and trying some on in such a store, as it can give ideas to the style required.

When it comes to the type of ring, they have various settings, and it is advisable to try them all to see which looks good and fits best on the finger. These include flush, invisible, tension, prong, bezel and a number of others. Once that has been decided, it is then a case of deciding which gem or gems it should have.

If you are ever unsure about something when it comes to selecting the best engagement rings, do not hesitate to ask the sales assistant for advice, as they are the experts in New York. Once a purchase has been made, it is then a case of whether the engagement will be a private affair between the couple, or a party will be organized for family and friends to attend.