Planning an Upstate New York Wedding

Upstate New York can be a beautiful location for a wedding. Away from the noise and lights of the city, upstate New York is the perfect place for couples who want their wedding day to be calm and peaceful. There are many resorts, barns, country clubs, vineyards and mansions to hold a wedding at. Mountain weddings are often held in the Catskills.

Country weddings are common in New York State. The Stone Tavern Farm is one example of a venue conducive to planning a country style wedding. Its 400 acres allow couples to have a large wedding in comfort and privacy. Ceremonies are often held on the Stone Tavern Farm mountain top. Cocktail hours are held at the Waterside Pavilion, where couples and their guests can watch the sunset. The farm’s historic farm is the perfect place for a wedding reception. Since the venue is so secluded couples can stretch their wedding day late into the night if they choose to, which is not an option at most traditional wedding venues.

Many couples travel upstate to Cooperstown, New York to elope or have a small, intimate wedding. The Landmark Inn is a popular venue for eloping couples in New York. Couples can rent the house and hire local vendors, making wedding planning easy. While some couples choose to elope at the Inn with a 170 year old fireplace in the background others choose the Feinmore Art Museum to hold a wedding with a short guest list. There are several packages offered to couples getting married at the Landmark Inn, including one designed exclusively for couples who wish to elope. Weddings can only be held in the house between the months of November and April.

The Fox and the Grapes is also a popular upstate location for couples to elope at. It is located in New York’s Finger Lakes area. The venue is a bed and breakfast that serves many couples who choose to elope rather than plan a full blown wedding.

For both opposite sex and same sex couples, the New York side of Niagara Falls provides a beautiful backdrop for any wedding. Niagara Falls State Park hosts many weddings during the warmer months of the year. The Falls Wedding Chapel provides New York couples with a venue to get married at.

There are also wineries in Upstate New York where some couples choose to get married. There are 225 wineries in New York State and many of them are fit for a wedding. Utica and Syracuse New York are two places where wineries are often booked for weddings. Best of all, since the laws about sparklers have recently changed in New York, you can easily find cheap sparklers for your wedding that can be used legally at any of these outdoor venues.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning an Upstate New York wedding. Virtually any type of wedding and any size wedding can be held in New York State. Couples who live in NYC often get married upstate to escape the fast paced suburban life most New Yorker’s live. An Upstate New York wedding can always be as unique as a couple wants it.