Play The Hottest Game Of The Year!


Every once in awhile we see a new game app that comes out that stands out from others. This year Simplus Technologies Group will roll out it’s new game app called Enemy Dawn. Enemy Dawn is about the Nazi invasion of Poland. As a Polish soldier controlling a mobile rocket launcher, you must defend Poland from an onslaught of Nazi weapons in order to prevent a new world order. You fight against German Panzer tanks, Ju-87 Stuka aircraft streaking across the sky and enemy battleships. Enemy Dawn will have you fully immerse in the game with the realistic battle sounds. This is a unique game because the storyline is real history. You will see some actual Polish landmarks in the game. The game will have five levels of gameplay and will be release in July 2014 for the international markets. It will be supported in English ,Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages. Enemy Dawn will have free and paid versions. Please check out our amazing trailer videos Visit us at and sign up for game release date.