Professional Annual Report And Brochure Pack Template ONLY $6


Nowadays, every company wants to stand out against the competition and use their digital branding efforts to the maximum. The times have changed – and hard-copy brochures have been digitalized. The MIAO brochure pack is definitely one of the best examples of an eye-catching brochure that can be used for any purpose or announcement.

So, what is inside the MIAO Brochure Pack?

First and foremost, the MIAO brochure pack includes a 32 pages annual report of your company that includes all the details, statistics, team members, employees and basically all aspects that prove the professionalism of your company explained in a clean and modern brochure.

Aside from the 32 page annual report, the MIAO brochure pack comes with an A4 bifold brochure that can be used as a small representation of your company or used for commercial purposes. The third and last part of the MIAO brochure pack is the A4 Trifold Brochure that is compact, foldable and balancing the colors of your company with a clean and neat design.

The MIAO Brochure Pack is designed to be the most modern representation of your company. The 32-paged annual report and the A4 bifold and trifold brochure pieces feature a design that is minimalistic and bold, yet appealing and charming. Using the most professional and inspiring fonts and image layouts, you can take a leap forward and prove that your company’s mission is as clear as its brochure or annual report.

The MIAO brochure pack easily sets you apart as an industry leader. It builds the authority and credibility of your business and distinguishes its unique vision and values from the competitors. But most of all, it is an avid representation of your impeccable service or selection of products – along with representing the unique value of your brand.

Tailored to your target audience, holding your main message, slogan and logo as well as your professional photographs or illustrations, the MIAO brochure pack does not leave anything to chance. It is designed to provide every bit of information to the reader while exciting them to continue reading and engaging with your brand.

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