Professional Auto Transport Company – Synergy Auto Transport

“Auto Transport Service In New York City is oftenly a daunting task to find. Meaningless websites, tons of spammy forum posts, people offering anything and everything to you at the “most affordable price you will find anywhere on the internet”. But the true conclusion to it all is you need to be very careful to whom you trust your prized vehicles to. Whether you transport your own personal car, something that falls in the line of exotics or classic cars, it all needs to be handled by a true car transport professional.

I am writing this article to showcase my experience in the car transport world. I recently shipped a vehicle from New York City and used Synergy Auto Transport for it. Result? It was a worry free experience from start to finish! I used their online auto transport quote form to fill in the information, wrote down their phone number in my cellphone (to know when they call me) and waited for only four hours to get a quote! That was lightning fast. Just to say they weren’t the cheapest auto transport company out there, nor were they the most expensive one. But I do know and can tell with certainty they did their job really, really well.

Car was scheduled to be picked up in Staten Island on Tuesday, time frame was selected at 9AM-1PM and it was picked somewhere around noon that day. Driver was helpful, he told me to wait for him in a big parking lot as his big truck couldn’t access my narrow street, got there, he did the whole pick up in a few minutes, we signed the papers, got my receipt and tracking number and that was it. Two somewhat worry free days later car was at my summer house in Nevada without issues.

Synergy Auto Transport helped me with the whole procedure, did their part best, all the way from their awesome website, online quote form to the pickup and door to door delivery itself. A real professional company and utmost helpful customer service you can find in the car transport world. And yeah, if you are a military servicemen, snowbird, student or need wholesale shipping, they also got a ton of discounts for you as well. They will certainly get your car shipped quick and without hassle. Isn’t that all we need?”