Raider Publishing Book Sales Up 39% in Past Year

Despite industry trends. Raider Publishing and it’s titles continue to succeed year after year.


Another good year for Raider Publishing in terms of book sales, is “in the books,” so to speak. It was reported today that through the 2012-2013 sales reporting year, the sales numbers for Raider Books were up nearly forty percent from the same 2011-2012 period. These numbers indicate stronger sales in the Australian, Indian and North American markets, with British and European numbers staying roughly the same.

What makes this increase interesting is that Raider did not start it’s eBook publication program until the end of 2011. While eBook sales for the company are reported as approximately 10% of total sales, the company is somewhat reversing the trend for the publishing industry as a whole, who’s sales were down eight percent in 2012.

“We’re extremely pleased, but not surprised by the success that our titles have on the market today,” commented Director Adam J. Salviani. “We work hard to promote our books and I feel as though that shows in the numbers.”

RPI continues to beat sales averages for titles released by competing publishers, but doesn’t appear to be resting on it’s track record of success. The company is soon to announce the relaunching of it’s new media platforms later in the Fall.