reShoot: New Video Camera App Allows Users the Freedom to Create and Edit Videos Flawlessly!

Have you ever wanted to create a video montage of all the best memories from that amazing vacation but didn’t know the first thing about video editing? What about that time you tried to record a quick video message but kept giggling or cursing; rendering the footage unusable? The most frustrating aspect of phone enabled video cameras today is that there is no stop, pause or rewind capability that lets you re-do moments or cover over the ones you don’t want; which is where reShoot comes in. The reShoot app (available for free in the iTunes store now) functions like a high end video editing app yet is simple enough for anybody to use.

What separates reShoot from other video apps is that it lets you record footage, pause it, rewind, continue recording or insert whole new videos into your project. With its easy to use features you’ll be able to clip unwanted footage, add new scenes, or import already existing videos from your camera roll. You can also go over recorded footage and choose the point where you would like to start recording again or insert a new video. reShoot allows users to create and edit videos on the spot which opens up the world of video to endless possibilities and potential. People will now have the ability to create perfect videos just like the professionals but without all the complications and frustration. The reShoot app makes it possible for all types of people with a passion for sharing to create high quality videos with a phone and an app. A busy mother can start a vlog about parenting, a realtor can make video tours of houses, and a child can film a movie for a school project – all done in the palm of their hand.

Other great features include the use of the front facing camera for quick commentaries or “video bombs“, an option to preview what you have so far and the capability to come back to projects should the app be closed for any reason – this is great for those moments when you’re working on a video project and get a phone call or just need a break to start playing Flappy Bird, endlessly. The project will still be there when you get back from whatever else it was you were doing.

The reShoot app is available for download in the iTunes store: