APRIL 1, 2015 – Musicians Roger Cole and Paul Barrere of Better Daze Records have announced a brand new single. The duo is known for their outlaw brand of music, which is set apart from mainstream music. The new single is no exception and offers uniquely woven musicality punctuated with a ghostly sound.

“Breathe” is the newest release from Better Daze Records. The single’s music and lyrics were co-written by Cole and Barrere. Cole provided vocals, bass, drums, percussion and gardening tools for the track, while both Cole and Barrere contributed the guitars for “Breathe”.

The haunting tune of the new track hooks listeners with an entrancing melody and palpable lyrics that leave a striking message. More information about the new single from Better Daze Records can be found at

About Better Daze Records

Creating “music for the sake of music”, Paul Barrere and Roger Cole are the musicians and driving forces behind Better Daze Records. Wanting to avoid the guidelines set forth by big labels and distributors in the name of mainstream music, the two set out to create Better Daze Records. Through their own label, Barrere and Cole inject their own flavor of expression and creativity into each of their unique works.


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