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As the new STARTZ TV series OUTLANDER explodes onto TV Screens next weekend, leading actor SAM HEUGHAN‘s debut feature film EMULSION plays in New York this Wednesday 30th July at the AMC Loews on 34th St.

EMULSION is a UK Independent Noir Thriller that’s has being playing all over the USA this summer via Cinema On Demand Company TUGG, due to the excitement of OUTLANDER and the huge growing fan base of Scottish born, SAN HEUGHAN who will light up the TV Screens from August 8th.

Writer Director SUKI SINGH has been surprised by the success of the US Cinema release but not surprised how passionate his fans are, who have been helping Suki Singh promote the film. Suki Singh “I’m really proud EMULSION is playing in New York, an iconic City and a true beacon for Independent Cinema.”

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