Smoke Wit Me Announces Launch of New Social Media Platform for Cannabis Enthusiasts Worldwide 

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There’s no doubt that when it comes to community building online, people who make marijuana a large part of their lifestyle choices have been neglected.  With the shifting legal environment in the United States that’s set to change as this underserved population is now being recognized.  Smoke Wit Me is a new social platform launching in July dedicated to bringing cannabis lovers together online to create new friendships and share experiences.

July 8, 2015

For a very long time, it was next to impossible for marijuana enthusiasts in the United States to share their interests with others online without having to worry about social stigma or even legal nightmares.   Fortunately, in the last few years this climate has improved greatly, opening the door for the social aspects of marijuana and cannabis culture to be shared in a dedicated online community.  Enter Smoke Wit Me, a new social media platform that will revolve around the marijuana enthusiast’s lifestyle, connecting people with similar interests in a way that’s fun, interesting and informative.  With a July 15th full launch scheduled, excitement surrounding Smoke Wit Me is high.

“Our Smoke Wit Me concept was born from a void in our society that existed for way too long,” commented a spokesperson from the new platform.  “Now that we can all openly share our experiences with others, having an action packed social media platform seemed like an absolute must.”

According to the site’s webmaster, Smoke Wit Me will not only allow users to set up accounts where they can interact with each other, but will also feature very informative articles, a funny photo and meme section, tons of cannabis recipes and much more.

Marijuana lovers are very happy about the news.

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