Stay cool year-round with a portable AC unit on wheels

The Tosot Aovia is a compact, powerful air conditioner featuring a built-in dehumidifier and quiet operation.

The mercury is rising, so it’s time to bring out the summer essentials. SPF? Check. You probably have an insulated water bottle to keep your drinks chilled, too. But a device that cools your living space is perhaps just as important. A big fan can suffice, but it’ll just circulate a scorching breeze in warm weather. So if your home needs help in the temperature department, air conditioning is a worthwhile investment.

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Unfortunately, many homes aren’t equipped with central air, and installing one yourself is out of the question if you live in an apartment. That’s where portable AC units such as the Tosot Aovia come in handy, and you can purchase one on sale for as low as $310.

The Tosot Aovia is a wheeled AC that you can easily transport between rooms. You could set it up in your home office during the day, in the garage for comfort as you work on your car, beside the couch in your living room or by your nightstand as you wind down for bed. It comes with a hose and window adapter that you can place on double-hung and sliding windows.

Tosot rates the featured model at 8,000 British thermal units (BTUs), which can cover roughly 250 square feet. However, you don’t need to blast the Aovia at full strength during use. You may adjust the power settings depending on the size of the space you’re chilling. The AC also features cooling, dehumidifying and fan modes, which can be helpful in fall and winter.

You can adjust the Aovia’s operating mode and temperature using its LED control panel. However, if you plan to use streaming services, restaurant delivery and generally move around as little as possible in the dead of summer, you might appreciate the included remote control, which has a 20-foot range. Finally, Tosot suggests the Aovia runs at a low 51dB of noise in low mode, so you won’t have to trade comfort for silence as you go to bed.

Beat the heat this summer with the Tosot Aovia 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for $310. If you need extra cooling power, the 10,000 BTU model is on sale for $330, and Tosot’s higher-end 12,000 BTU Aolis AC is available for $440.

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