Still West Productions™ Presents Career Anatomy™ – A New Podcast for Young Professionals Looking to Expand Their Horizons


Arizona (June 2016) – Produced by Still West Productions™ and hosted by Phoenix residents Rebecca Clark and Jeffrey Borup, Career Anatomy™ is a new podcast that offers extensive insight to young professionals seeking to enter the workforce.

Given the slow and steady rebound in the global economy over the last decade, many are now finding themselves in the face of real and attainable job prospects.  The concept of not only job opportunity, but actual career choices, is unfamiliar territory even to those who have been readily preparing for their big break.  The objective of Career Anatomy™ is to provide insight and suggestion from industry luminaries on how both experienced and non-experienced candidates can achieve career growth by ridding themselves of the cut-throat mentality cultivated by fears brought on by the global recession. The show features professionals in various fields offering much needed guidance on skill development as well as the tricks & tips that will enable new employees to become adequately oriented with a particular office environment by understanding and reforming old-fashioned attitudes about working life.

Since its broadcasting debut, the podcast has attained widespread popularity, being hailed as a massive hit among students and working professionals alike. Listeners have access to monthly episodes directly on their mobile devices and free subscribers are offered links to additional and past content, including show notes and detailed information on guests.

“The purpose of the show is to offer advice to both students and mid-level industry professionals on the path towards career advancement. It is about options.  About exposing jobs that are already out there.  It can be a mixed bag.  For instance, we often encourage listeners to nurture and develop a hobby, outside of their career path.  Something they love.  And we will offer insight into various hobbies they can explore, with the understanding that it is our passion for life that allows others a true glimpse into who we are – and perhaps what career we are deserving of.”

– Rebecca Clark.

About Career Anatomy™

Career Anatomy™ is a monthly podcast hosted by Jeffrey Borup and Rebecca Clark designed to inspire and engage young listeners struggling to find their place in the workforce. The focus is on rediscovering a wide range of industries (and even fun hobbies) first-hand to better understand the corporate culture of a specific workplace. More importantly, Career Anatomy™ intends to unearth the good fortunes that helped enable others achieve their goals in an effort to demystify your own path to success.

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