#TeamLove NYC Summer Kids ’18

It’s summertime! That means in New York City, aspiring child models and their mother’s are traveling from all over the country to become a star of the runway!

For this occasion, #TeamLove is combining the award winning kids fashion designer Mel Duran with the top photography of JacPics. Together Mel and JacPics are bringing a true modeling experience to these young and aspiring models, including: professional photoshoots, runway coaching and an opportunity to be discovered by top modeling agencies in New York at this summers fashion events.

Mel D said “Attendance at this event is important even for established ‘social media models’ because this summers events provide so much more than ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ that many models enjoy with their well developed Instagram accounts. These events will provide exposure to the real modeling industry in the most competitive market in the United States. This event shouldn’t be missed.”

Jose Cruz of JacPics went on to say, “We expect a lot from this summers kids in 2018! We have an amazing group of models teaming up to get the most from this experience.”

Mel added, “All these talented young models have a dream.” She advises these young aspiring models to “go follow their dreams by coming to New York this summer”.

To learn more and join #TeamLove, contact them via email: iLoveMelDuran@Gmail.com