The Best Place to Get a Deal in New York

BestDailyDealssWith the rigorous grind of the day to day routines, people often feel like they just can’t ever get a break. Having that feeling of getting a break can come in many forms: just making that red light, snagging a cab just in the nick of time, but how about grabbing a fantastic deal on an awesome product!

Getting a great deal on something can make anyone feel like they got a break, just won a mini lottery, and that the universe on their side. Finding a great deal in New York is not always easy, except for those New Yorkers who have discovered the secret to getting great deals, online at

Yugster is a daily deals phenomenon that is sweeping across the entire United States, and of course, New York. The state with the most number of Yugster daily deal members is none other than the USA’s welcoming gate to the world, New York. Why is this? Here are some theories.

First, the same hot dog you can buy in Nebraska for $1, will cost you $4 in New York. It’s just not always easy to get a deal in the great state of New York. Especially being one of the top tourist traps in the USA, retail shops are going to try and take advantage of tourists with those fast slinging credit cards. So when hot deals are delivered straight to the inbox from Yugster’s daily deals email, a savvy New Yorker knows a good deal when they see one, and they’re quick to grab up that deal. Red hot Yugster deals can sometimes sell out in less than hour, thanks to those quick New York trigger fingers.

Next, New York Yugsters love convenience. With a majority living in apartments or condos, having great deals delivered straight to the doorstep, for cheaper than it would cost to take a bus, subway, or pay for gas to the closest store, couldn’t be better.

And last but not least, Yugster gives their customers so many chances to win prizes. And that the winning spirit of New York is radiated out in Yugster’s fun contests and sweepstakes. Yugster gives away $20 every single day, and has monthly contests where iPads, tables, and even large cash prizes are given away.

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