The FDA has Approved Phytoceramides for Anti-Aging

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With the approval from the FDA for the use of phytoceramide supplements men and women have a new treatment option for removing wrinkles and adding hydration to the skin. These new ceramide capsules contain plant derived ceramides with the intention of replacing the natural ceramides produced in the body that slowly diminish as we age. These now Plastic surgeon endorsed supplements are available across the country including Canada and the USA and cost around $25 for a 30 day supply. There are now several different brands on the market but not all of these are safe for everyone as those with gluten sensitivity will want to find supplements that have been derived from rice or sweet potatoes sources to be safe as others may be made from wheat sources. Can we really say goodbye to wrinkles? Many beauty professional say that when used with a topical Vitamin C serum these new supplements may very well eliminate the need for Botox.