The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On How To Ensure A Work Life Balance If You Are A Workaholic Dad

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.46.23 AMAs a dad, you want your spouse and children to have everything and you may even go to great lengths to achieve it for them. You may work long hours through the night to ensure that a roof always remains over their heads. Even though you have their best interests in your heart, they might mistake your efforts to provide for them into thinking that you are neglecting them. Now, that is not your or any dad’s intention at all, it just happens.

You become lost in the workload that your family begins to think that you do not have any time for them. How can you let them know that what they are thinking is not the case? Easy! You need to ensure a work-life balance, giving time to both your work and family. Here is what you need to do:

Tip #1: Sleep Train Your Baby

All you new fathers out there, listen up! You need to sleep train your baby. Yes, this means they will shed some tears, throw a tantrum, and cause you to shed tears of your own. In the end, after the turmoil of listening to them cry is over, they will sleep like a baby, as they should because they are one.

Tip #2: Use Google Calendar

You might not like your spouse snooping through your phone, but you will have to make an exception this time. Give your spouse complete access to your Google Calendar. They will make change to your calendar, putting important events such as a play at school that you must attend at all costs.

Tip #3: Be Extra Productive at Work

If you have the option to do majority of the office work early or the day before, do it. Wake up early if you have to or ask your manager to change your work timings. If you are your own boss, do majority of your work when your children are at school or sleeping at night. This will give you time to embrace them when they come bursting through the door, yelling DAD!

Tip #4: Set Your Own Timings

If you run a business where you cater to clients, you can be frank with them, in a nice way of course. Clearly tell them that your weekends and evenings are reserved for your family, and if they are not okay with that, they can politely leave.

Tip #5: Leave Your Smart Phone

One of the biggest blunders we see dads doing is using their smart phone while having a conversation with their kids. When the kids get old and do the same, their parents get mad, which is unfair, right?

Anyways, the point is not to glue your eyes to the phone when your children are telling you a story about how they got into a fight with Sue, but became friends later at lunch. The story might not be as interesting as the messages that are in your phone, but you can at least act interested. They are your kids, after all.

Balancing life with work is the key to a happy family!

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